As an organization,
you are always in transition.

In today’s business landscape, the ability to leverage technology to work smart, efficient and secure is more important than ever. Digital business transformation is key for organizations to get a grip on processes, to limit costs and realize more efficiency.

We are digital business transformation experts

For more than 25 years, we enable digital business transformation for organizations that want to become more agile and respond better to developments in the market, and changing customer demands.

As one of Canon’s information management competence centers you can rely on specialist knowledge with access to an unprecedented portfolio of leading technology. We deploy these solutions in a scalable and future-proof manner, within the practice of your organization to drive positive business outcomes.

Whatever your objective, challenge or motivation is, we help you realize your digital business transformation


Leverage your

business content

In almost every industry, the amount of business content organizations have to deal with is growing year-over-year. We help organizations leverage their business content throughout the content lifecycle with smart content services solutions.

Curious how content services solutions can work for you?

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IRISECM - document and email management icon

Document & Email Management

Find, store and manage business content easily and securely anytime, on any device and anywhere.

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IRISECM - digital signatures icon

Digital Signatures

Streamline the process of transactions whilst preserving and maintaining the legitimacy of documents.

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IRISECM - contract intelligence

Contract Intelligence

Dynamically analyze contracts in the context of the systems and processes to drive business value and client experience.

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IRISECM - Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Transform existing knowledge into useable assets that foster innovation and improve efficiency.

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Protect your business and your reputation

Nowadays there still are too many clear examples of how insufficient security measures lead to data breaches that have a significant impact on a business. Having the right tools in place to ensure information governance, data security and compliance is key to mitigate risks that could cause harm to your business.

Let’s make sure your business is secure and resilient.

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IRISECM - Data Classification icon

Data Classification

Reduce risk and improve the usability and accessibility of data to derive more value from information assets.

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IRISECM - Data Access Management icon

Data Access Management

Embrace Zero Trust and provide policy based access to data without impacting the user experience.

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IRISECM - Threat Monitoring icon

Threat Detection & Monitoring

Pro-actively detect cyber threats and data breaches to prevent bad actors from ruining your business.

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IRISECM - Retention & Records Management icon

Retention & Records Management

Ensure information is retained based on retention polices and disposed when it reaches end-of-life.

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The heart of modern business management

Many organizations still spend time on unproductive, redundant, manual processes that could be automated. These routine, time-consuming tasks make employees less efficient and satisfied. That’s why smart businesses use workflow automation to build streamlined, efficient ways of working and create competitive advantages.

Transform the way you work with intelligent automation.

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Document Automation

Streamline document workflows to save time and eliminate errors with document automation solutions.

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IRISECM - Business Process Automation icon

Business Process Automation

Minimize human intervention and eliminate process gaps to improve overall improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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IRISECM - Service Automation icon

Service Automation

Easily automate services via self-service applications to increase efficiency, compliance and improve client experience.

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IRISECM - Automated Data Extraction icon

Automated Data Extraction

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract relevant information from business content.

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Technology to make your business work better.

document and email management solutions

Document & Email Management

Capture, store and manage documents and emails anywhere, on any device and anytime.

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digital workplace

Collaboration & Communication

Empower your team to seamlessly work together with anyone without sacrificing on security.

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Governance & Security solutions

Governance & Security

Protect your critical business content, ensure governance and get ahead of compliance.

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Knowledge Management

Leverage the knowledge that resides in your content to add value and boost performance.

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document lifecycle solutions

Document Workflow

Change the way how you work with documents to boost productivity and save valuable time.

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Maximize the value and impact of your Digital Transformation initiatives.

Our team of certified information professionals provide expert services with one common goal: drive successful results for your organization, your team and your clients.

Business Consultancy
Implementation Services
Support and Application Management


Enable professionals to work more efficient, smarter and safer every day.

In every project we execute we are committed to make our clients work better by leveraging the right technology in alignment with people and processes.

  • We deliver what we promise

  • We take a partnership approach

  • We think along with your long-term strategy

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