Customer success: Homburger

IRIS Nederland is selected to implement a new document management system at Swiss law firm Homburger

Enhancing internal and external processes with the selection of iManage Work as new DMS

Homburger, the leading Swiss business law firm, has selected IRIS Nederland as their preferred partner for the implementation of iManage Work as their new document management system. The main goal of opting for another document management solution was the ability to create a comprehensive file including all relevant case material, namely emails, which Homburger’s previous system couldn’t. Homburger selected IRIS over all other potential implementation partners because of its broad experience in implementing iManage Work at law firms across Europe.

Considering the options

Homburger is a Swiss business law firm providing advice and representation in significant transactions, dispute situations and complex advisory assignments to enterprises and entrepreneurs in a national and international context. A total of 300 employees make use of the document management system on a daily basis.
Flavio Romerio, Partner at Homburger, comments: “The problem we had with our previous document management system was that it did not integrate emails. Nowadays most client communication is done via email. So in order to create a single file containing all the documents relevant to a certain case, we needed a new document management system that would be able to store emails as well.”

Although Homburger maintained a long list of criteria throughout their search for a new solution, two things were of crucial importance to them. Romerio: “Our ideal document management system would suit critical requirements central in a law firm such as security. Moreover we were looking for a solution that could integrate our specific email application Lotus Notes. We narrowed it down to five possible solutions that met all our requirements, but eventually settled for iManage Work because of its overall impression. It seemed the most mature and advanced to us.”

“We will start the iManage Work implementation this month and our mutual goal is to finish the implementation by the end of the year. So far the cooperation with Homburger is excellent and we are pleased to add another law firm of stature to our list of legal clients.”

Rob van der Drift, account manager, IRIS Nederland

Choosing the right implementation partner

Besides the comprehensive case file – made possible thanks to the integration of emails – Homburger enjoys another major advantage in selecting iManage Work. Romerio: “At Homburger we are always trying to integrate and use new technical possibilities. iManage Work allows us to connect iPads. As our lawyers are often on the road and work at night or during weekends, we were very interested in that opportunity. This way the lawyers are able to gain mobile access to WorkSite wherever they are and whenever they need to.”

Romerio further comments: “When we contacted them, iManage introduced us to two possible implementation partners. We liked IRIS because of their responsiveness. They are also more experienced with implementing iManage Work at other law firms. Every contact with them has been very pleasant and professional up until now and we are very much looking forward to the implementation process.”

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