Customer success: Pöllath + Partners

Pöllath + Partners chooses IRIS Nederland to implement a document & knowledge management solution

iManage Work as DMS to support Pöllath + Partners managing the continually increasing amount of digital data

With three offices in Germany and nearly 300 employees in total, Pöllath + Partners has vast amounts of continually increasing digital data to manage, comprising mostly of office documents and emails. “The organizational structuring and management of this data became more and more complex and time consuming”, comments Marcus Märthesheimer, IT manager at Pöllath + Partners. “Therefore, we needed a suitable solution that also covers compliance issues. We were looking for a solution that was able to cover our rules of data protection and also allow secure external access. In addition to this, another requirement was the seamless integration into our existing workflows without causing major stumbling blocks in the process.”

iManage Work offers the most comprehensive suite of information management applications on a single, common platform and is used by more than 1,500 law firms worldwide, including 75 of the top 100 global law firms. In a market review iManage Work appeared to meet P+P’s requirements best. Märthesheimer comments: “It showed to be an established solution, especially in the legal market within Europe. After an RfP process, we specifically chose IRIS as an implementation partner. They proved to have extensive knowledge of iManage Work itself, and they have gained a lot of  experience in the implementation of iManage Work within the legal market.”

About Pöllath + Partners

P+P focuses primarily on two areas: transactions (private equity, mergers & acquisitions, venture capial, real estate) and asset management (such as succession, family office, trusts, foundations, real estate). In these fields, P+P advisors have consistently been ranked at the top of professional listings in national and international surveys. Accordingly, since its inception in 1997, P+P has grown its transactional practice to approximately 90 lawyers (and almost 300 employees in total) in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt/M.

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