Advanced Office Integration

IRIS Advanced Office Integration provides the interaction between Microsoft Office and iManage Work with considerable added value. This add-on module not only gets the best out of your favourite template application but also offers you support when migrating your old file storage to the new iManage Work implementation. Its key functionalities at a glance:

  • Allows you to call up your template application directly from iManage Work and bring across dossier-related information
  • Lets you use data entered in Microsoft Word to automatically determine the right location in iManage Work to save the document
  • Can automatically create and edit footers in documents using iManage Work information labels such as document number, document version, author, etc.
  • Can automatically edit document profiles using the information available in iManage Work
  • Can automatically delete documents once they have been opened from your old file system and saved in iManage Work — with the ability to leave behind an onward link to the iManage Work location in your old file system

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