A well trained support team plays a crucial role in any organization, offering benefits that are essential for both internal operations and external customer satisfaction.

Firstly, a support team serves as the frontline of communication, providing timely assistance and resolving issues promptly. This not only fosters positive relationships with customers, but also enhances their overall experience, leading to increased loyalty and retention rates. Additionally, a well-equipped support team can gather valuable feedback from customers, helping the organization to identify areas for improvement and innovate its products or services accordingly.

Ultimately, investing in a capable support team not only ensures customer satisfaction but also contributes significantly to the long-term success and growth of the organization. We want to take you on a journey behind the scenes of our IRIS support team, shedding light on their operations, common challenges, and strategies for overcoming them as well as success stories. Please join us for an inside look at our customer support operations, where we excel in resolving problems and achieving customer satisfaction.

Going Above and Beyond

At the heart of every support team lies a group of dedicated individuals committed to resolving customer issues promptly and effectively. Their work involves far more than just answering queries; it’s about empathizing with customers, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing personalized solutions.

At IRIS, we’re not just here to resolve customer issues – we’re here to delight our customers. Whether it’s a personalized detailed step-by-step guide, or a follow-up call to ensure everything is working smoothly, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ success and satisfaction.

Our multilingual support team is the backbone of our organization. With their unwavering dedication, they stand ready to exceed expectations and delight our customers around the globe. When you choose our support team, you’re not just getting assistance – you’re gaining a trusted partner in your success.

Did you know they’re proficient in communicating in Dutch, English, German, and Romanian?

So what does a typical day at our support team look like? A typical day in the life of our support team is anything but routine. They start their day by reviewing any pending tickets from the previous day(s) and prioritizing them based on urgency and complexity. As the day progresses, they tackle incoming queries through various channels, including emails, phone calls, and sometimes Microsoft Teams.

They not only tackle technical challenges but also plan and implement change requests. Additionally, they conduct weekly/monthly operational meetings with our clients and carry out health checks on their environments.

Here’s a fun fact about our support team’s first-time response: Did you know that our team averages a very fast initial response time of just under ten minutes? That’s right! From the moment your query reaches us, we strive to provide prompt assistance, ensuring you receive the help you need in a flash. So rest assured, when you reach out to us, help is just a few moments away!

Did you also know that the initial response rate within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for tickets was 94,17% in 2020? By 2023, it had been elevated to 95.64%, and impressively, it surged to 98.58% in 2024.

This remarkable improvement demonstrates our team’s dedication to providing swift and efficient assistance to our customers, ensuring that their inquiries are addressed promptly and in line with our service commitments.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Behind every successful support team is a culture of collaboration. Communication channels are kept open between our support agents, allowing them to share knowledge, seek advice, and collaborate on complex issues. Additionally, close collaboration with other departments, such as our technical and functional agents, DevOps team, sales representatives and iManage, ensures seamless resolution and a great customer experience.

Together, we strive to resolve any question or issue you might have within the Service Level Agreement. With our dedicated team and streamlined processes, we aim to exceed expectations by delivering resolutions that meet or even surpass our promised timelines, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Check out this interesting fact: In 2020, the resolution rate within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) was 92.64%. By 2023, it had climbed to 95.71%. Fast forward to 2024, and it has surged to an impressive 97.03%.

This remarkable improvement showcases our team’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions to our customers, meeting and exceeding our service standards with each passing year.

As you might know, the world of customer support is constantly evolving, with new challenges emerging regularly. To stay ahead of the curve, our Engineers prioritize continuous learning and improvement. This includes regular training sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, and feedback loops to identify areas for enhancement and implement proactive solutions.

Were you aware that all our Solution Support Engineers hold certifications from iManage, including Helpdesk Analyst and iManage Certified Systems Engineer badges? Moreover, the majority of them have additional training in various iManage add-ons such as Threat Manager or Security Policy Manager. They all also are certified as an AIIM Certified Information Professional.


Support teams often face a numerous of challenges in their day-to-day operations, ranging from high volumes of inquiries to technical complexities and resource Limitations.

One significant challenge is the sheer volume of inquiries, which can overwhelm even the most robust support infrastructure. To address this, IRIS has implement an efficient ticketing system and the support team members are trained to correctly prioritize inquiries based on urgency and impact.

Multitasking is also skill every support agent must master. However, it can be mentally taxing and requires efficient time management to ensure no query slips through the cracks.

Thanks to exceptional implementations and thorough training of our customers, we witnessed a decrease in the volume of support tickets, dropping from 2.575 in 2022 to 2.204 in 2023.

Support teams may face constraints in terms of staffing, tools, or technology resources, which can impact their ability to handle customer inquiries efficiently. At IRIS, we prioritize the needs of the support team based on the critical functions and areas where resource limitations have the most significant impact on operations and customer satisfaction.

We also invest in training and development programs to enhance the skills of support team members. Equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools can help them handle inquiries more efficiently, reducing the need for additional resources.

Despite these challenges, support teams thrive by implementing proactive strategies, leveraging technology, and fostering a customer-centric culture, ensuring they deliver exceptional service and support to their clientele.

Success Stories

An excellent example of proactive communication from our support team occurred late 2021 during the remote Christmas party (due to COVID) at IRIS. Upon receiving news of a critical security issue in the third-party component Apache Log4j2, the entire support team promptly left the festivities to inform and assist our customers.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they sent out a mailing to all our clients to inform them (SLA and None-SLA customers) about this advisory. In addition to proactive communication, the support team initiated measures to address the potential risks and give personalized assistance to our clients.

Despite the scale of the advisory, the support team’s transparent communication and proactive approach helped to minimize frustration among customers and demonstrate the company’s commitment to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Another great example is the collaborative problem-solving of our support team, where they managed to solve various issues with the RAVN server at an on-prem customer. Not only was the dedicated support engineer involved, but also one of our technical consultants and a RAVN expert from iManage.

Due to the collaboration between IRIS employees and the external vendor, they were able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue rapidly.


Behind every customer support interaction lies a team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction. From navigating technical complexities to maintaining composure under pressure, the day-to-day operations of a support team are nothing short of a balancing act. However, through collaboration, continuous learning, and a steadfast commitment to customer success, support teams overcome challenges and deliver exceptional service, day in and day out.

Next time you reach out to our customer support, remember the intricate dance happening behind the scenes, driving towards one common goal: your satisfaction!