As highlighted in our recent announcement, I am excited to remind you of our new partnership with Docusign. The collaboration marks a significant milestone for IRIS Nederland (IRIS), enabling us to provide advanced Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions to streamline your contract processes, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with the highest standards of security.

In light of the above, together with some of my colleagues from IRIS, I had the pleasure of attending two significant events in London: the Docusign PartnerDay and Momentum24. Amazingly, we experienced an entire day of sunshine in London, a rare and delightful treat!

These events not only underscored Docusign’s evolution from eSignature to a comprehensive Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) platform, but also underlined their commitment, and their exceptional support to us and their partner ecosystem.

Unlocking Opportunities: Revolutionizing Agreement Management

As a business consultant, I am excited to talk to you about your current agreement management challenges and discuss how, together with Docusign, we can turn them into opportunities. Leveraging Docusign’s advanced Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) platform, we can streamline your processes, significantly reduce operational costs, and enhance decision-making efficiency. These developments are designed to save you time and resources while ensuring smarter, more connected business operations.

Got excited? Let’s continue reading to learn more about my key takeaways for these events!

Docusign’s Transformation

Docusign is advancing beyond just eSignatures. The company introduced its Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) platform, designed to optimize and enhance business agreements. Key features include Maestro for automating workflows, Navigator for centralized agreement management, and an App Center for extended functionalities. This evolution aims to simplify and accelerate the entire agreement process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


AI? Say what! Undoubtedly, all these new features work hand-in-hand with secure AI tools, such as some thoroughly trained LLM. The planned acquisition of Lexion promises even greater enhancements. As a consultant, this means I can offer my clients more robust solutions that save time and reduce errors by automating complex workflows without writing any code.

Inspiring Leadership

The event featured an outstanding speaker panel, to mention some: Allan Thygesen (CEO), Karen Schuppe (GVP of Customer Success), Michael Marus (Forest Stewardship Council), Robert Chatwani (President of Growth. Their insights and expertise contributed significantly to the event, inspiring us with their vision and strategies.

Docusign’s CEO, Allan Thygesen, addressed the inefficiencies in traditional agreement processes, revealing that outdated methods cost businesses nearly $2 trillion (€1.7 trillion) annually (as investigated by Deloitte). Thygesen highlighted IAM’s potential to revolutionize agreements, making them smarter, faster, and more connected. By leveraging these insights, I can offer improved counsel to my clients on updating their agreement processes, leading to more informed business decisions and significant cost reductions.

Success Stories

Hearing success stories from companies like Santander reinforced the tangible benefits of Docusign’s solutions. Santander’s improved dealer management efficiency illustrating the real-world impact of these technologies. These case studies provide powerful examples I can share with my clients, demonstrating how adopting Docusign’s technologies can lead to substantial improvements in their operations.

Future Innovations

Docusign’s upcoming tools, such as IAM for Sales, Customer Experience, and IAM Core, are set to launch in the U.S. by May, with global availability likely by winter 2024. These innovations promise to enhance the efficiency of business operations, enhance customer interactions, and drive efficiency in managing agreements.


As a consultant, the integration of IAM for Sales with CRM systems will enable my clients’ sales teams to close deals faster, while IAM for Customer Experience will improve user journeys and reduce drop-offs. At IRIS, I am excited to collaborate with you to create tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your sector.

Rebranding and Community Initiatives

Docusign’s refreshed brand and the launch of Docusign Community are excellent developments for fostering a collaborative environment where users can share best practices and insights. Additionally,’s investment in nonprofit organizations underscores the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, which can be a significant value-add for clients focused on sustainability and social impact.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Docusign’s advancements and the insights gained from this event have equipped me with the knowledge and tools to drive innovation, and enhance operational efficiencies. The future of agreement management is here, and it’s smarter, faster, and more connected than ever before. Let’s start this journey together to explore new opportunities and advance your business.

For more details, visit the Docusign Momentum24 page.

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