Quickly Adapt To Market Changes

Business Agility

Respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands

Business Agility is the ability to continuously respond to rapidly changing external and internal developments.

The world around us is changing faster than ever. Innovations follow each other at a rapid pace, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and new start-ups make the market very dynamic. Many organizations are not able to deal with this, partly because the current way of working slows down rather than helping to cope with the speed of change. The biggest challenge for many organizations is therefore to learn to respond faster and more effectively to changes, to put the customer first and to be sensitive to what is happening in the environment. Business Agility helps organizations to embed this deeply into the way of working, so that the challenges and dynamics are embraced and supported.

What is Business Agility?What are the benefits of Business Agility?5 Steps to business agility

Introducing Business Agility

Agility and adaptability are the important pillars of Business Agility. Organizations are asked to respond faster and faster to changing market conditions, legislation, customer wishes and technology. It is important to receive signals from the environment as early as possible in order to make optimal use of the momentum of new opportunities. This makes the response speed of organizations a crucial quality, because it can increase agility and adaptability.

What does it mean to work ‘Agile’?

Agile practitioners share the mindset that work should basically be done in small independent multi-disciplinary teams that work in short cycles on relatively small tasks and receive continuous feedback from the final customer or end user.

Agile practitioners are obsessed with delivering value to customers. The primary interest of the customer is recognized in the Agile Manifesto.

Agile practitioners see the organization as a transparent network of employees who work together towards a common goal of happy customers.

The benefits of Business Agility

With Business Agility, organizations are able to respond even better to external and internal changes.
But what is the added value of Business Agility, compared to the current way of working? This can be summarized as follows:

  • Delivering value to customers and the organization

  • The ability to make early adjustments or to interrupt the current focus

  • Shortening the time-to-market of new products and services

  • Identifying and exploiting new opportunities more quickly

  • Increasing the quality of products and services

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and engagement

  • Increasing the productivity and satisfaction of employees

  • The rapid and early elimination of risks and unnecessary work

5 steps to Business Agility

Steps to accelerate progress toward business agility:

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