CMS Austria is the technical headquarters for 11 European branches of global law firm CMS. To be more competitive, the firm needed a comprehensive document management strategy and a new platform. Responding to the needs of their international business, market and client base, the firm launched iManage Work 10 in the Cloud with a campaign to boost user adoption. Now, the firm can bid for more business and their lawyers are working more efficiently than ever before.

Part of the international CMS network, CMS Austria provides legal services to clients across Europe from 11 regional offices. The Vienna headquarters houses 75 lawyers who specialize in issues relating to cross-border business and regulations. The team primarily focuses on mergers and acquisitions, finance, real estate, building, labor, tax, intellectual property, IT, and procurement law, supporting clients through every step of the legal process.

The challenge

One user experience across the business

CMS Austria has a lot to offer clients — specialist knowledge, seamless legal services
in Austria and across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). But without a comprehensive
document management strategy and platform, the firm wasn’t eligible to compete for
certain types of legal matters and risked losing business to competitors.

“Clients want assurance that their data is secure. Without a robust approach to document
management, we weren’t just eliminated from tenders