IRIS, a leading IT consulting company specializing in software solutions and professional services in the information management domain, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected by Cresco for the implementation of iManage technology. Through its partnership with IRIS, Cresco is set to streamline its legal operations by leveraging the power of the iManage Cloud platform.

Leveraging the Power of iManage Cloud

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud platform meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of legal professionals. With iManage Cloud, Cresco’s team will experience seamless productivity regardless of their bandwidth connection, ensuring uninterrupted workflow even in offline scenarios. This state-of-the-art cloud environment guarantees optimized user experiences, especially when working with large files. Additionally, the iManage Cloud adheres to the highest security standards, with data fully secured and backed up across a global network of data centers, providing Cresco peace of mind.

Compared to Cresco’s current situation, the iManage Cloud environment offers a more complete and enriched solution. IRIS has presented the enhanced functionality of iManage Cloud during various intake sessions, enabling Cresco to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive overview of the benefits and advantages it brings.

Ensuring Compliance and Data Security with iManage Cloud and IRIS

Cresco, renowned for its exclusive focus on entrepreneurship and its dedication to serving leading entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity investors, and innovative companies, is poised to achieve transformative outcomes with the implementation of iManage Cloud. By selecting iManage Cloud, Cresco ensures compliance with legislation, such as the requirement for datacenters in Europe, which is effectively met by the iManage Cloud’s redundant datacenters in The Netherlands.

These datacenters are certified to meet industry standards as SOC2 level and ISO27001, providing Cresco with utmost data security. Moreover, the iManage Cloud solution is designed to maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), giving Cresco full control over its documents throughout the document lifecycle and enabling customization to comply with specific legislation if required.

Charting a Bright Future Together

What sets IRIS apart as the ideal IT partner for Cresco is its profound industry knowledge in the legal sector, comprehensive understanding of iManage technology, and expertise in implementation, adoption, change management, and support. With a rich track record of successful projects in the legal industry, IRIS ensures Cresco’s smooth transition to iManage Cloud, maximizes user adoption, and provides ongoing support for a truly transformative experience.

“We are delighted to welcome Cresco as our esteemed client and partner,” said Martijn Tekelenburg, Co-Managing Director at IRIS. “With our deep industry expertise, cutting-edge iManage Cloud solution, and dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, we are confident that Cresco will witness remarkable improvements in their legal operations. Together, we will revolutionize the way Cresco works, ensuring enhanced productivity, data security, and compliance with industry regulations.”

About Cresco

Cresco is a premier law firm with an exclusive focus on entrepreneurship, serving leading entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity investors and innovative companies.

Cresco provides the legal foundations for various stakeholders to collaborate and grow together. They combine years of international legal experience with business expertise acquired through extensive in-house experience at leading companies active in a broad range of sectors and industries.

Based on a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and their legal expertise, they help clients move confidently in high-stakes transactions and partnerships.

About IRIS

IRIS is a leading information management solutions provider, operating in the EMEA region for over 25 years. We are proud to be part of Canon Benelux and offer strategic advice, software solutions, system integrations, and technical support to a wide range of industries, including legal, accounting, financial services, and large enterprises.

Our focus is on intelligent information management, and we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that includes document digitization, content management, knowledge and business process management. We work closely with leading technology providers such as iManage, Litera-Microsystems, BRYTER, and Co-Flo to offer the most advanced and innovative software solutions on the market.

At IRIS, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized and tailored approach to each client’s unique needs and challenges. Our team of highly skilled consultants, developers, and support staff are passionate about helping companies optimize their information management processes. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous successful projects and satisfied clients.

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