IRIS, a leading IT consulting company specializing in software solutions and professional services in the information management domain, is delighted to announce its partnership with AKD, a prominent Benelux law firm. Under the agreed statement of work, IRIS will facilitate the migration of AKD’s existing iManage environment to the iManage Cloud, aligning with AKD’s objectives of streamlining operations, ensuring high availability, accelerating time-to-market for updates and upgrades, and implementing robust security and compliance measures.

Leveraging the Power of iManage Cloud

AKD, with its team of over 500 lawyers, civil-law notaries, tax lawyers, and dedicated staff across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, is renowned for delivering exceptional legal services and expertise across a wide range of legal fields. With a focus on reducing workload, increasing operational efficiency, and reinforcing data security, AKD has identified the migration to the iManage Cloud as a transformative step in their digital journey.

Ensuring a Seamless Migration Experience

By leveraging IRIS’s deep understanding of the legal industry and expertise in iManage technology, AKD will benefit from a seamless migration experience that addresses their business objectives. The iManage Cloud offers AKD a highly available and scalable environment, ensuring quick troubleshooting and minimizing disruptions in case of failures. AKD will also experience accelerated time-to-market for updates and upgrades, enabling them to stay at the forefront of legal innovations. Furthermore, the iManage Cloud’s robust security features and adherence to industry standards will enhance AKD’s data protection and compliance initiatives, safeguarding sensitive client information.

AKD Accelerates Digital Transformation Partnering With IRIS

“The partnership between IRIS and AKD marks a significant milestone in AKD’s digital transformation journey,” said Martijn Tekelenburg, co-managing director at IRIS. “By leveraging the power of the iManage Cloud, AKD will experience enhanced operational efficiency, strengthened data security, and increased agility. We are committed to delivering a seamless migration experience that aligns with AKD’s objectives, providing them with a solid foundation for future growth and success.”

IRIS, with its comprehensive expertise in implementation, adoption, change management, and support, is well-equipped to address the technical, functional, and support aspects of the migration. The partnership between IRIS and AKD ensures that AKD will have a trusted IT partner with a deep understanding of the legal industry, profound knowledge of iManage technology, and a track record of successful implementations.

About AKD

With over 500 lawyers, tax advisers, civil-law notaries and support staff in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, AKD is a leading Benelux law firm. For our clients, we are the gateway from, to and in the Benelux.

For over a century now, we have combined a full-service approach and a broad sector focus to consider any question from a range of angles and provide quality solutions – anywhere in the world. Literally. From our own offices, of course, and also through our various country teams and our extensive, worldwide Friends Network.

Practicing Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg law, we have the size, the expertise and the experience to assist in national and international M&As, solve complex public-sector issues, conduct minor and major litigation, and advise on substantial projects such as the energy transition and issues concerning privacy and data security.

About IRIS

IRIS is a leading information management solutions provider, operating in the EMEA region for over 25 years. We are proud to be part of Canon Benelux and offer strategic advice, software solutions, system integrations, and technical support to a wide range of industries, including legal, accounting, financial services, and large enterprises.

Our focus is on intelligent information management, and we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that includes document digitization, content management, knowledge and business process management. We work closely with leading technology providers such as iManage, Litera-Microsystems, BRYTER, and Co-Flo to offer the most advanced and innovative software solutions on the market.

At IRIS, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized and tailored approach to each client’s unique needs and challenges. Our team of highly skilled consultants, developers, and support staff are passionate about helping companies optimize their information management processes. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous successful projects and satisfied clients.

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