IRIS Nederland’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions are primarily intended to improve information-intensive processes either within organisations or between organisations and their customers. The key focus in these solutions is coherence between structured data on the one hand, which might for instance derive from an ERP or CRM system, and non-structured data sources on the other, such as e-mail and documents.

The EIM solutions that we deliver are based on market-leading products from our international partners, which include iManage, OpenText and Litéra. Completing IRIS’ portfolio of offerings is our high-quality scanning software.

IRIS is characterised by its pragmatic approach and by partnership with the customer. This approach has yielded us outstanding references and several robust case histories with leading enterprises.

  • About us

    Our mission:

    “To improve our customers’ productivity by helping them better manage their documents, data and information.”

  • Customer story


    “As a result of our better control and our more efficient way of working, our clients benefit from it, too.”


     “We like I.R.I.S. because of their responsiveness”