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More and more, clients of accounting firms see core accounting services as a commodity. This trend is fortified by the fact that there are more and more solutions available for businesses to automate accounting and administration processes. As clients demand lower prices because they don’t understand the value their accountants provide, accounting firms should embrace the benefits of technology to automate or outsource low-value, repetitive work. This frees up valuable time, to enable accounting firms to create more value and position themselves as true trusted advisors for their clients.

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We are a full-service provider helping accounting firms navigate in their Digital Transformation journey; offering solution design, custom development, project management, implementation, IT support and outsourced services.

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For more than 20 years, we help accounting firms leverage technology to add long-term value and transform their business to the modern way of working


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For every project our team ensures a great fit of the solution, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We follow a clear and transparent project approach and due to our best practices methodology we get you up and running fast – without false promises and compromising on quality.

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Litera Clause Companion
Matter-Centric Content Management for Accounting Firms

Provide a secure and governed way to access business critical information.

Using a Document Management System keeps your information, as well as information from your clients, safe, shareable and arranged. The management of documents and especially emails is a challenge many accounting firms face and therefore it’s important to have the right solutions in place. Enable your accounting professionals to work form anywhere, in a secure and governed way. We are partnered with iManage and are able to provide you with the most advanced document and email management platform tailored for today’s modern accounting professionals.