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Put your knowledge to work with IRIS Know How for WorkSite

Use your corporate knowledge to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage and improve client service.

Service based professions, such as legal, tax, finance and others, are coming under increasing pressure to provide a more cost effective and efficient service to their clients. With growing demand to move to a fixed price, rather than a time and materials billing model, providers need to protect their margins, increase revenue, improve client service and differentiate from their competition. With the evolution of new business models, being able to accurately estimate effort for any given task, relies upon knowing, up front, what knowledge is already available, and what has to be created.

Being able to quickly locate and access knowledge content, in the form of standard documents, templates, reference material etc. without recreating them time and time again, is central to meeting the needs of service based professions. Capturing knowledge documentation, marking it for review and approval, and then make it readily available for others to retrieve quickly and easily, has benefits for the service provider, as well as their clients.

The Benefits of Knowledge Management

Corporate knowledge, in the form of documents, too often fails to meet its full potential. For example, a set of standard terms and conditions, or a service contract generated as part of one client project, may have extensive re-use potential for other client projects. If this knowledge is not captured, correctly indexed, making later search and retrieval simple, then inevitably at some point the effort required to create the document content will be repeated. Where this time can be billed to a client, this may not be an issue, but with the increasing commercial pressure on service providers to reduce costs, effective Knowledge Management can make a positive, lasting impact, driving up re-use frequency.

IRIS Know How Puts Your Knowledge to Work

Finding an affordable, effective Knowledge Management solution, that meets the needs of all stakeholders, has until now been out of the reach for many organisations. Many solutions have failed to deliver, attract astronomic total cost of ownership, take too long to deliver or lack user adoption due to their complexity.

IRIS Know How is different. With extremely short implementation cycles, your organisation can be up and running, capturing and re-using your corporate knowledge in next to no time. Fully integrated with the popular Work platform from iManage, Know How delivers all the benefits of Knowledge Management, in one place, cost effectively and quickly, providing a compelling return on investment. For existing WorkSite clients, Know How enables an even greater return on the investment already made in iManage Work.

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