LEXPO 2018 – Legal Innovation at it’s best

This year, Lexpo will return bigger and even better! Two full days, action-packed with the latest trends in legal innovation, thought-provoking strategic themes and only the legal world’s best speakers, at a breath-taking venue located in Amsterdam’s city centre.

Lexpo has established itself as the number one opportunity to learn about the latest trends in legal innovation. Lexpo 2018 will provide a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge trends that will be high on every law firm’s agenda in the coming years.

Lexpo 2018 main themes

  1. Business Intelligence & Data Science

Law firms own a large and increasing amount of data, but lag other sectors in unlocking the insights and commercial edge that data promises. How can firms harness data to improve profitability, create and grow client relationships and optimizing legal services and processes?

  1. Dynamic Knowledge Management

Legal Knowledge Management is attracting renewed interest, sparked by the rise of artificial intelligence and emergence of smart documents and client-facing knowledge applications. What are firms and clients doing to reinvent knowledge management as a powerful competitive tool?

  1. The Legal Blockchain

Law firms are starting to see the potential impact Blockchain technology might have on the legal industry. What are the practical implications and how are firms beginning to work with this disruptive technology?

  1. Legal Project Management

Although LPM has been around for some years now, there are still many law firms who do not (fully) embrace this concept. Lexpo’18 will feature renowned subject-matter experts sharing practical examples.

IRIS is Lexpo 2018 sponsor

IRIS is an emerald sponsor of Lexpo 2018 and gladly welcomes you to speak about topics regarding Enterprise Information Management. We will inform you about the latest products and services in order to excel as an legal organization in productivity, compliance and collaboration.

For more information and to register for Lexpo 2018, please see the Lexpo website.

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