Four tips for having confidential internet communication with your clients

The vast majority of data intrusions happen when someone clicks on a link in an e-mail or text message (phishing), provides a password or other information over the telephone to a so-called colleague, or by logging in while someone else is secretly watching (social hacking). Security starts with knowing how and where you are vulnerable.

As a lawyer, you work by definition with confidential information. Information in your possession – both your own and your clients’ – can be valuable to cybercriminals. The chance that you will become a victim of data theft or eavesdropping with far-reaching consequences is above average.

Are you aware of the risks? Do you know which of your communication tools are or aren’t secure; what measures you can take to protect yourself against cyber-attacks?

Cloud File Exchange Services

Cloud exchange services are suitable for sharing confidential information, providing that the option to lock is offered. Only send confidential files with a lock and after consulting the Privacy & Cookie Statement of the relevant cloud service.

iManage Share can be used for file exchange. It helps professionals share and collaborate on files. with colleagues, clients, and business partners. With iManage Share, the customer can seamlessly share documents or folders. from local repositories or iManage Work with anyone outside. We’re more than happy to help you set up iManage Share or with transferring all your documents to the iManage Cloud.


Use unsecured email for general communication, but not for the exchange of confidential information. Various commercial e-mail programs offer the option to send messages encrypted. Please note: the person you e-mail with must also take such measures. Read more about the different types of email encryption and the associated benefits here.

Sensitive information when sending emails or sharing files can be safeguard with Zivver’s easy-to-use integrated platform. Zivver also integrates with iManage. More information about Zivver can be found here.

Telephone and SMS

Always use your secret number. Do not call or text confidentially with your regular telephone. Only use your phone to make appointments and such. Not for sharing content information with your clients. This only counts to phonecalls and sms, if any of the earlier mentioned mobile applications (iManage/Zivver) has been installed you can of course safely use your phone to share files via phone.

Chat apps

Use chat apps for general communication. Chat apps can have insight into phone numbers and email addresses stored in your phone. So the use is not recommended if you want to keep your contacts confidential. Chat apps often encrypt data traffic. This may be done via foreign systems. However, there is no such thing as a 100 percent watertight protection against cybercrime.

How we can help

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