Hello new office, bye bye old office

This is a very exciting month for us, as we are leaving the old office and moving to our new office. We have been staying for 5 years at our old office and due to our growth we are moving to our new office at L’Ambassadeur in Elsloo. We chose this location as it is more central located (next to the A2 highway) and due to the practical need of more office space.

A sneak peak

After months of preparation, planning and renovation we are officially in business from our new office from August 1st – and it feels good! Underneath some pictures of how our new office came to life, from renovation until the result.

Same service, other location

That having said, we obviously are very proud of our new office and we cannot wait to host our customers here. You aren’t a customer of us? Don’t worry, we gladly host you as well at our office in order to discuss your information management requirements and needs. Just get in touch with us to make an appointment. As a leading information solutions and services provider we are confident to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Just to be clear, hereby our new address as from August 1st, 2019: