How to achieve user acceptance in 5 steps

When new technology is being introduced in an organization, it can sometimes be considered a threat if the intent of the new technology is not fully understood. The new technology could be perceived as competing with individuals in the organization for their job. Changes in the way we have worked for years are not always welcome, as we normally become very accustomed to doing our work in a certain way. When we need to change the way we are doing something, the use of a new technology or process can be considered as threatening.

In this article, we will explain 5 steps to make the introduction of changes in the workplace easier for everyone. By following these steps, users should accept the new technology or process more easily. As you may know, change can either be exciting or frightening. This article is based on our experience and provides practical tips on how to gain acceptance from your users when implementing a new technology, process, or any other change. After all, we enable organizations with innovative solutions – and we know it is key that users accept a new way of working the make it a success!