How to enable Tree View in iManage

Some may still remember the iconic tree view in iManage, the tree view was the default view before iManage released the new desktop 10 client with tiles. But you no longer have to miss this feature, iManage brought the iconic tree view back.

Customers who upgrade to the latest iManage Work version 10.3 (released July 2020) have the tree view directly at their disposal, while customers who currently work with the 10.2.5 web server component can apply a small change to make the tree available.

iManage introduces Tree View as a Coming Soon

This release of iManage Work introduces a prominent Coming Soon icon, now displayed adjacent to the user menu. Coming Soon provides early previews of beta features. Users can opt-in by selecting the Coming Soon icon to access the new features.

iManage Work introduces the Tree View as a Coming Soon for all users. The tree view offers improved navigation for users who prefer browsing content in a hierarchical format. With an expandable folder view, users can navigate to the following nodes as a start point:

  • Recent Matters
  • My Matters
  • My Favorites
iManage Tree View

Drag items from the center panel, hover over the tree to expand the nodes and drop the items where a container is highlighted by a blue outline.

The tree view is available in the following views:

  • iManage Work Web in desktop view.
  • iManage Work Panel in Microsoft Outlook when the panel is docked and undocked.

When the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook is docked, but the with is insufficient the tree is retrievable behind the Browse navigation tab.

Navigation iManage

How to enable Tree View

The tree view is not enabled by default. To enable the tree view:

Step 1: Navigate to the Coming Soon icon adjacent to the user menu.

Step 2: Select the coming soon icon, the following dialogue box appears.

Step 3: Select Enable.

Features of the Tree View

Switching back to grid view

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