We have teamed up with Scrive to offer seamless e-signing. With the Scrive e-signature integration for iManage, electronic signatures are built directly into the platform so you can streamline workflows, save valuable time, and avoid the cumbersome challenges of a typical signing process — without compromising on security.

Normally, end-users would have to export their documents to their computer and then upload these files to Scrive; an error-prone and tedious procedure.

The integration provides users the option to digitally sign via Scrive, by selecting one or more documents. The selected documents are automatically uploaded to Scrive, where the signing process continues and the user is able to configure the signatory invitations via email. Once the signing process has been completed, the documents will be automatically imported back into iManage.

The integration creates a seamless and secure workflow which will enhance work productivity and confidence in the integrity of their electronic collaborations.

To protect contracts and the data they contain, the Scrive service offers ID verification as an integrated step in the signing experience. To make sure only authorised people can access and sign the contract, signatories can authenticate themselves with any of the many eIDs and authentication services Scrive supports, including Bank ID, iDIN, MitID and Onfido.

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