How to integrate iManage with Microsoft Teams

During these somewhat bizarre times, many organizations are looking for new ways to communicate and meet online. One of the tools that has exponentially risen in usage is Microsoft Teams. Pretty sure that most of you are already using this tool for meetings or team-chats. But, did you know you can get your iManage inside Teams? It’s relatively easy and we’ll show you how.


  • Access to iManage Work 10 Web

  • Access to Microsoft Teams

  • Your iManage credentials if you aren’t using Single Sign On

  • ‘Owner’ or ‘Member’ rights to the respective team

Preparation time:

  • 10 minutes

How to set up iManage within Microsoft Teams?

Each Team in Microsoft Teams is created in several ‘tabs’, for instance a ‘Posts’ tab, a ‘Wiki’ tab and so on. With the plus-icon, you can add new apps to extend the functionality of your Teams page. Since iManage is a powerful web-app that’s fully based on webtechnology, we can make use of that opportunity to integrate this as a Web-App in Microsoft Teams. In the ‘Add a tab’ overview, just click on ‘Website’. A new window will pop-up asking the website name and URL.

Integrate microsoft teams with imanage

That’s where the flexibility of the iManage URL comes into play. You see, each content inside your iManage environment has a unique ‘ID’. See it as a string to uniquely label each piece of information inside iManage. So, each Workspace, Folder, Document has a unique identifier which in its turn we can use to display this content inside your new Teams Tab.

The purpose of a Teams integration

So, what can I do with this? Let’s say that you want to add a Workspace overview inside Teams as a Tab. To find the URL to this Workspace, simply open the Work 10 web client, and navigate to the workspace you’ll like to add to Teams. After you’ve opened the workspace, did you notice that the URL changes into the unique ID we’ve just talked about? So, the final step we take is we copy this URL, and paste it into the previously mentioned URL field in the ‘Add Website’ dialog and give the tab a name that suits this (I find that simply ‘iManage’ does the job just fine). Finally, we confirm with ‘Save’ and you’ll see that a new tab with the chosen name has popped up.

Integrate microsoft teams with iManage

When you click on it, your workspace is being displayed and you’re all set up. You just added a Workspace to Microsoft Teams. Great!

Integrate iManage in Microsoft Teams

P.S: some users report that on the first click on the tab, a login screen appears. Simply enter your iManage username and password to access the new iManage tab.

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