Key benefits of migrating to the cloud

Thanks to innovative technologies, more and more companies are considering migrating their data to the cloud. That’s no surprise given the many benefits of the cloud. If you start working in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about updating software. Fears of a crashed server or data loss are also a thing of the past.

In my previous article, I talked about the different Document Management System (DMS) variants, namely: Cloud vs. On-Premise. That article has also shown that one is not necessarily better than the other. It just depends on what suits your organization best.

Still not quite sure after reading the previous article? Or do you want to gain additional information about the cloud? Then you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to highlight the benefits of the cloud.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

It does not matter where your employees are: with the cloud they can work online anytime and anywhere via an internet connection. With an online workplace, they have access to all company files and necessary applications. Working from home or at another location is therefore no longer a problem.

Easy Scalable

Who knows what the future will bring? With workplaces in the cloud, your organization can easily adapt to shrinkage or growth, because a cloud service is easily scalable compared to the traditional server and license model. The number of online workplaces and the price adapt to the size of your organization. This way you prevent too high investments in the software or hardware that are required to run your organization. In addition to this, the iManage Cloud offers a per user, per month, op-ex cost, so organizations can pay as you go and more easily manage and track the costs of their systems.

No Maintenance, Always Support

Maintaining software licenses is a costly annual activity and as an organization, you do not always have all the technical knowledge in-house. Also, updates often have to be manually updated. And that also takes a lot of time and effort. A workplace in the cloud does not require maintenance; the online software is automatically updated by the provider. By using cloud services, the IT-administrator has to pay less attention to technology and can focus more on providing the added value of the service for the company. Organisations in the iManage Cloud can easily add new features to their DMS by simply performing a client-side upgrade, rather than carrying out back-end updates as is required with on-premise solutions.

Safe and Accessible

Research shows that 16% of the European companies experience  11 to 15 hours downtime per critical IT failure. And that’s why accessibility is just as important as water from the tap. After all, a company should never stand still. Moreover, Cloud services make it a lot more difficult for hackers and viruses to penetrate, because the cloud provider is non-stop busy with its security. Working in the cloud means that you always have secure access to your files and programs and can therefore continue working without any problems.

iManage handles a ‘Zero Trust’ approach to security, meaning that even their own employees can not look into the data within their Cloud. The cloud data is only accessible for the organization who entrusted it there – in other words, your staff.

How we can help

At IRIS Nederland we take information management seriously. Information is the source of every organization and therefor requires intelligent, future-proof solutions which meet the needs of organizations and their users. We keep that promise to our customers for over 20 years now. Whether you are looking to implement a new document- or any other information management solution: we have the experience to support you with such a project from start to finish.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more how our solutions and services can make your organization work more efficient, secure and smarter.

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