Latest iManage features 10.4.2

Apply permissions to files in bulk

  • Add, remove, replace user / group access to selected files all at once.
  • This can be done with careful exceptions.
new iManage features
Get to your files faster by hiding subfolders
  • In folders with many subfolders, quickly hide the subfolder to only see the files.
  • Status banner allows you to quickly show all subfolders again.
new iManage features

Switch views document or email views

  • In folders with both documents and emails, choose your sort & filter focus.
  • Easily switch between focuses to sort on what matters to you.
  • This works in both list and grid views.
New iManage Work features

Link to your work with folder shortcuts under subfolders

  • Avoid duplication to other work by adding folder shortcuts.
  • Folders shortcuts can be created anywhere you have permission to create folders.
  • This can be done by dragging & dropping to the folder tree while holding ‘shift’.

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Get in touch with us if you want to know more how our solutions and services can make your organization work more efficient, secure and smarter.

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