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In this article, we want to share a few new and noteworthy features iManage has to offer. All listed features are equivalent to version 10.3 of iManage Work. With this update, iManage Work 10 users will gain access to the highly anticipated Enhanced Tree View, enabling Work 10 users to work more efficiently with an intuitive and familiar interface.

iManage Work Desktop 10 & Web client

Filtered by: Most of you are already very familiar with the Work 10 interface. But one of the things you may have noticed with this release is that the filters have been made more prominent, so that you know exactly how the results are curated. This gives you an visual indication and more importantly, all filters continue to be available on the right hand side so you can continue to refine your search results as you were doing previously.

Filter iManage

You are now able to reorganize your matters into categories by dragging and dropping them: The navigation Tree has been available since the beginning of 2020 again, however Tree View now allows you to expand 500 items. The advanced drag-and-drop operations of the Tree View makes moving document and folders a breeze with the ability to drag files and folders from the center panel, or their desktop, to a target folder on the tree.

iManage organize

Move folder or create folder reference: One of the features that have been requested from Corporate Legal Departments quite a lot. What users want to do is basically relocate the folders or create folders shortcuts. When the user moves the folder, they get a visual indicator for where the folders can be dropped. Need to place a reference to the document in another folder? No problem! Hold down the shit key during drag and drop to leave a reference in the source and place a reference in the target folder.

iManage move folder

iManage folder reference

Advances search in outlook: Also the search options in Outlook have expanded. It is now possible to have more search criteria’s.

iManage Outlook search

iManage Drive

The developers at iManage also continue to enhance the iManage Drive with three new features:

  • Take whole workspaces offline;
  • 50 workspaces synching (instead of 20);
  • Auto-update installer for Drive.

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