IRIS Nederland expands its services with No-Code Tech Partner BRYTER

IRIS Nederland, a Canon company and leading enterprise information specialist, is glad to announce their strategic partnership with BRYTER, one of the most dedicated and outstanding legal automation providers in the industry. IRIS Nederland and BRYTER will strive to provide innovative solutions for legal professionals through upcoming collaboration offerings.

BRYTER is a no-code automation platform that allows non-technical users to create applications through a user-friendly interface instead of traditional programming. The no-code automation revolution is built on this offering: Simply point and click, select and structure building blocks, and create an app or adjust the look of a website as easily as if it were a PowerPoint slide.

This ease-of-use is what makes BRYTER different: the platform grants professionals the ability to organize work processes faster and smarter, save time, and improve service to internal clients by creating their own automation tools that operate at the speed their business demands, without increasing risk. Introducing automation frees teams from repetitive, tedious tasks so they can focus on high-impact work.

The platform’s flexibility gives users everything they need in one space: workflow and decision automation, intelligent document automation, integration with existing tools, and pre-built customizable applications. Tools created on BRYTER can help legal teams deliver services end-to-end, across use cases that include legal intake tools, NDA generators, data breach reporting tools, and more.

As a leader in this space, BRYTER is used by global brands, including McDonald’s, ING Banking Group, Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG, to deliver services digitally.

IRIS Nederland and BRYTER share a common goal of providing the most effective solutions that enable legal professionals to solve any problem regarding their document management and process automation. Therefore, through this partnership, both IRIS and BRYTER will have opportunities to reach out to more customers who are in need of relevant and useful solutions.

“Thanks to the ease of use of BRYTER, legal professionals will soon be able to build their own applications, without having to code or start a lengthy IT project,” said Martijn Tekelenburg, Managing Director at IRIS Nederland. “The speed, quality, accuracy, and thus the service to our customers get an enormous boost. We are very happy to contribute to that.”

Backed by professionals and expertise in the legal industry, IRIS ensures that their customers are equipped with the skills and systems to solve issues better, more efficiently and more transparently. In both IRIS and BRYTER, you can find whatever solutions to organize and improve your business processes along with enthusiastic support.

Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER, says, “IRIS (Canon Group Company) has become a renowned specialist for IT Services. Adding no-code technology to their tool stack is a powerful decision, and we’re excited that they’ve picked our solution. This means faster, easier productizing for their clients, who will be empowered to create the solutions they need for document management, process automation, and beyond.”


BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. The truly no-code platform gives enterprise teams the tools to build self-service applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming. BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use the software to automate complex, recurring decisions and scenarios. Global brands from consumer industries (McDonald’s), through financial services (ING Banking Group) to professional service firms (Deloitte, PwC and KPMG), use BRYTER to deliver services digitally. BRYTER is a remote-first company with offices in New York, London, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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