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Know How

Put your knowledge to work with IRIS Know How for WorkSite

Use your corporate knowledge to generate revenue, gain competitive advantage and improve client service.

Service based professions, such as legal, tax, finance and others, are coming under increasing pressure to provide a

Workspace Manager

Creating a workspace can be a time-consuming affair if not automated by a practice management or ERP system.

IRIS Workspace Manager for iManage Work allows new workspaces to be created via a user-friendly wizard. Preset templates and metadata values can be used

Advanced Office Integration

IRIS Advanced Office Integration provides the interaction between Microsoft Office and iManage Work with considerable added value. This add-on module not only gets the best out of your favourite template application but also offers you support when migrating your old file


Without special software, it is an annoying and long-winded process to retrieve accidentally deleted documents, and one that typically needs the IT department to be involved.

IRIS offers a safety net for this with its Trashbin for iManage Work. With this

Shortcut Manager

In ‘My Matters’, the number of shortcuts added to the workspace list can quickly mushroom. When this happens, the original purpose of shortcuts as quick routes to key workspaces is thwarted.

Manually keeping shortcuts in order costs a lot of time.

Security Console

IRIS Security Console for iManage Work allows users to be appointed within Work’s group management and workspace security who would normally not have access to those areas. Security Console lets appointed users add and remove groups to and from security


IRIS Scan2DMS for iManage Work enables documents to be digitised from any multifunctional device or scanner, and to be automatically saved in iManage Work. Functionalities that are also available in this product, using IRIS’ acclaimed scanning solutions, include full-text indexing;

Reporting Tool

IRIS Reporting Tool for iManage Work lets information be retrieved from iManage Work, filtered, sorted and exported. A pre-defined, growing set of data views is employed to pick relevant information out of the available data. The results produced by Reporting

PDF Reconcile

When scanning documents internally, organisations have complete control over the quality of the digitisation. For example, with internal scans, it is perfectly possible to apply OCR technology to achieve full-text indexing, allowing users to expect to obtain an accurate, complete


Thanks to the seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and iManage Work, workspaces can be accessed from Outlook.

IRIS MiniPortal for iManage Work allows you to display an extra screen of relevant information at the highest level of the workspace. This extra

Make Final

It is important for professionals to be able to freeze documents in a particular version to prevent any further changes from being made to it.

IRIS Make Final for iManage Work allows documents to be marked as final, at which point

Integration Tools

In recent years, IRIS has realised numerous integrations to link practice management with ERP systems and iManage Work, such as Aderant, Fidura, Maconomy, LegalSense and more.

These best practice models are summarised within IRIS Integration Tools for iManage Work and thus

Folder Select

A standard workspace design helps organisations maintain uniform folder structures, but can be a rather rigid solution when exceptional deals are being prepared that require additional folders above the norm. IRIS Folder Select for iManage Work gives organisations the flexibility


Exporting documents, structuring folders and arranging entire workspaces is a time-intensive process if done by hand. IRIS Exporter for iManage Work allows users, including end-users, to completely automate this process, without losing the original folder structure.

By means of a wizard,


IRIS Bulkloader for iManage Work allows users, including end-users, to import documents and folders to iManage Work on their own, with no loss of important information from the original documents.

Bulkloader is a user-friendly tool that lets users import documents and

Archive Agent

IRIS Archive Agent for iManage Work is a supplementary tool for use on WorkSite Archive Manager (WAM). It is suitable where there are profound requirements for content archiving and additional policies on top of what WAM has delivered.

IRIS Archive Agent

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