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Compliant File Sharing & Collaboration

Easily extend workspaces to external parties and collaborators with fully integrated, secure file sharing and large email attachment delivery. Tight integration eliminates the need to move files between systems and delays due to site provisioning while still maintaining full governance over content, whether in the iManage cloud or on premises.

LinkSite for WorkSite (rebranded as iManage Share) enables organizations to share and collaborate on files with colleagues, customers, and business partners. Using LinkSite, users can share select documents or folders from WorkSite with anyone outside the enterprise via HP Flow CM, HP’s intuitive, cloud-based file sharing and synchronization service. LinkSite provides a single interface to share, view, edit, and search content, delivering a powerful, integrated user experience that provides benefits such as increased productivity and improved customer service. LinkSite combines the simplicity of consumer services, with enterprise-grade security along with a comprehensive audit trail, to deliver consistent stewardship over all your business content.

Features and benefits

  • Intuitive, secure file sharing
    LinkSite connects WorkSite with HP Flow CM, HP’s intuitive, consumer-friendly, cloud-based file sharing and synchronization service. Content in HP Flow CM can be synchronized across any Internetenabled device.
  • Maintain workspace integrity
    Extend the workspace view of information within the enterprise to the cloud for compliant collaboration and improved customer service. Search, revise, and compare content in the cloud repository from within the WorkSite client, maintaining the integrity of the electronic file.
  • Leverage automation
    Save time by automatically suggesting collaboration partners based on existing email collaboration in the workspace and increase responsiveness through automatic notification when content is added or modified in HP Flow CM.
  • Compliant, audited, secure
    Tight integration with WorkSite enables a single, unified audit trail that tracks activities across WorkSite and HP Flow CM, maintaining visibility and mitigating risk. Password protection and auto expiry of secure links protect your electronic assets in the cloud.
  • Reduce risk
    Using email for document collaboration creates confusion, as numerous different versions are passed between users. LinkSite minimizes the confusion by sending a secure link to the file, enabling collaboration on a single document instance and reducing the risk of orphaned versions.
  • Streamline email
    By sending a secure link only, LinkSite eliminates large files from clogging email servers, improving email performance, and lowering email storage costs.

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