iManage Work – version 10.2



The release of iManage Work 10 last year was quite impressive (to say the least).
A complete and up to date HTML5 web-based experience as a replacement of the old-fashioned Outlook-integration (FileSite). Users got the intuitive (and device-independent) user-interface they’ve been asking for, a lot of features have been added in the core product and a lot of enhancements have been processed. 

In the meantime iManage pushed release after release and they just released iManage Work 10.2. iManage Work 10.2 is worth a discussion in your project team (if you’re currently upgrading or implementing) or worth upgrading to if you’re considering getting your iManage environment up to date.

Hereby a number of interesting features of iManage Work 10.2 offers:

  • Server Side Filing, Fully Compatible with all Clients;
  • Offline Filing Support;
  • Sort Files for Improved Visualization and Easy Access;
  • Save and Open Website URLs;
  • View All Emails in a Chronological List or as Conversations;
  • Auto-Detect and Install Updates to iManage Work Desktop for Windows;
  • Searching for Content in Multiple Languages;
  • Retain Your Preference for Database Search;
  • Save as New Version to any Document;
  • Insert Files from iManage into PDFs;
  • iManage Integration with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project;
  • Edit Any File with its Native Application Using Non-Integrated Support;
  • Preview Support for Native Lotus Notes Emails.

And much more…

The full release notes of iManage Work 10.2 are available in the iManage Help Center.

If you are considering getting your iManage environment up to date, please get in touch with our sales department via phone (+31 43 408 66 00) or e-mail – or your dedicated account manager.


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