iManage Work



Seamless intuitive document and e-mail management. The volume of documents and e-mail that organisations have nowadays is exploding. iManage Work (WorkSite) enables teams to work together securely with their information from any location, using any device. iManage Work manages all your business documents, along with e-mail, in a digital file, making them easier to find, share, and reuse.

iManage Work is simple to use and can be deployed across your organisation quickly, with minimal training and at a low total cost of ownership for a rapid return on investment. By unifying content across e-mail inboxes and file systems and between colleagues, partners, and customers, you can achieve significant value through higher productivity and improved customer service.

Product Features

  • Access from anywhere: Benefit from the industry’s most powerful mobile and offline capabilities, and enable remote users to access documents as safely and securely as online users.
  • Intuitive application integration: Seamless integration with desktop applications from a variety of interfaces, including Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Explorer, SharePoint, the web, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Project workspaces: Empower teams in widely dispersed locations to collaborate on projects, leveraging available resources and expertise across the globe.
  • E-mail management: Organise e-mail as part of the unified project file, reducing the burden on mail servers and transforming e-mail into an asset that can be accessed by team members across all offices easily and securely.
  • Secure file sharing: Enable secure file sharing and ad hoc collaboration with customers and partners outside the firewall to improve customer service and increase customer retention.
  • Automated classification: Classify and secure information automatically, eliminating the need for manual tagging of information, thereby increasing accuracy and improving take-up rates.
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