IRISDocument Server

With IRISDocument Server, organisations can automatically process huge volumes of documents automatically, 24/7!

Enjoy the benefits of I.R.I.S.’ hyper-compression technology

I.R.I.S. hyper-compression technology creates searchable PDF files visually identical to your original document, but much lighter. The basic compression level is included for free; more intense levels (up to 50 times smaller than the original) are available as add-ons.

Create smart, durable files

With IRISDocument Server, you can easily convert all your images into fully editable and searchable files in up to 130 different languages, in popular formats such as PDF, Word, XML, PDF/A, etc.

Export your documents to your ECM

A large number of optional connectors are available for integration with popular content management applications such as OpenText Content Server and iManage Work (WorkSite).

Key benefits

  •  A real time saver for all your employees

Employees can transform paper documents into “intelligent electronic documents” right from their daily work tools, easily modify them without retyping, and quickly retrieve archived documents via keyword searches. Users can also access their processed documents at any time from any location, even when out of the office.

  • Improve your company’s productivity

Every day, your whole organisation will automatically be populated with fully editable, searchable and compressed documents. These will be directly integrated into your back-end systems or third-party application (DMS, ERP, etc.) to speed up your document-based business processes.

  • Secure your archives and stay in conformity with legislation and regulation

Your paper-based documentation will be archived in electronic format with great viability, since you can create documents of type PDF/A, the ISO worldwide standard for long-term archiving. I.R.I.S. is a full member of the PDF/A Competence Center.

  • Reduce your storage costs

In order to save space, your archives will be hyper-compressed up to 50 times smaller than the original without compromising visual quality, thanks to iHQC™ (Intelligent High Quality Compression), I.R.I.S.’ exclusive compression technology. As well as reducing your storage costs, compression also facilitates document sharing, as compressed files are quicker to e-mail, to copy to a shared folder and to download.


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