With IRISXtract, we offer a wide range of solutions for invoice and order processing, HR and supplier records, as well as case management software for the legal, healthcare, and finance sectors in particular.

IRISXtract is an award-winning IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) solution platform. It classifies documents arriving via various channels (e.g. paper, fax and e-mail) and transfers the extracted data to business process applications.

IRISXtract is

  • Intelligent: You can analyse documents using a range of methods, depending on the type of document and your business process requirements. Complex data is extracted using freeform analysis based on business rule sets. So no more discrepancies between templates!
  • Flexible: The core solution platform can easily be adapted to different business process requirements. You benefit from preconfigured business process solutions.
  • Scalable: The platform is individually scalable to match the quantities of documents that need to be processed.
  • Sustainable: The solution platform contains a unique auto-learning system and business intelligence tools in order to ensure continuous improvement of the production process.


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