Documents are the currency of business; your content defines its value. Litéra’s content solutions protect reputation, manage risk and increase productivity, providing the controland mobility you need. We help you get the job done, on any device, anywhere.

Litéra Change-Pro

The only comparison technology on the market that compares every element within a document. Read more

Litéra Innova

Eliminate duplication and revision risks while enjoying lightning fast document creation with the consistent look and feel your clients expect.
Document automation like you’ve only imagined, until now. Read more

Litéra IRM

Litéra IRM provides full document custody by placing a “security wrapper” around your documents. Read more

Litéra Metadact

Desktop-based metadata cleaning and document conversion (to for example PDF). Read more

Litéra Metadact-E

Server-based metadata cleaning and document conversion (to for example PDF).The only patented server-based metadata management solution available. Read more

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