Litéra Microsystems Clause Companion

Because Standards Matter. Store and use the best clauses. Faster.

Lawyers store their clauses in a multitude of places—email, local folders, old agreements. Clause Companion™ is a clause library that allows for easy storage, retrieval, and distribution of content, from within Microsoft Word and the documents they’re working on.

Why Clause Companion?

  • Improve turnaround time by empowering your lawyers with a solution that fits within their workflow.
  • With Clause Companion, lawyers are enabled to spend more time on higher value work, and less time trying to locate prior content and clauses.
  • Document quality is kept high, safeguarding the reputation of the firm by encouraging use of firm-approved content.

“Staff tell me they appreciate that IT ‘has them covered.’ They like the confidence and convenience of having potentially sensitive metadata automatically removed without their intervention when they send emails with attachments from any device.” – Joe Hernandez, IT Director at Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C.

Key Features

Clause Management

Easily store, retrieve, and insert correctly formatted clauses. Ensure that the best content is available to be easily used again in future.

Firm Standards

Access to the firm’s clause library, to encourage use of approved content. Without the need to switch to another system.

Shared Content

Share selected clauses between users or across departments. Facilitate better internal collaboration from within Microsoft Word.

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