Litéra Microsystems Contract Companion

Because Quality Matters. Use artificial intelligence to deliver high-quality documents. Faster.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the future; it’s already in use in hundreds of firms around the world. Contract Companion® is a Microsoft Word toolbar that allows you to ensure your documents meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

Why Contract Companion?

Documents are at the core of your firm’s daily operations. They demonstrate your capabilities, communicate your value, and reflect the integrity and professionalism of your work.

Alarmingly, over 65% of legal professionals say they’re under too much time pressure, with the result that more than one in three admits to skipping proofreading tasks.

Contract Companion will reduce your proofreading time by up to 90%, leaving you more time to focus on clients’ needs while improving the quality and consistency of your documents.

Key Features


With one click, review your entire document and view proofreading issues in a consolidated dashboard.

Defined Terms, Cross-references and Citations

Quickly review defined terms, references, and citations to ensure validity, accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

Fix Mistakes

Locate and remedy mistakes such as unpaired quotation marks, spacing variations, inconsistent numbering, phrases, and case-specific information.

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