Litéra Microsystems DocXtools

Because Integrity Matters. Analyze, repair, and restyle with ease.

With a robust set of tools to help you repair and style your documents, DocXtools greatly increases document quality and cuts review time in half. This helps legal teams meet client demands, improve collaboration, and produce high-quality documents. Over 75 percent of AM Law 250 and more than 50 international law firms use DocXtools to streamline document production.

Why DocXtools?

The delivery of legal documents is an intricate, collaborative process. On complex matters with multiple document contributors, tight deadlines, and reduced support staff, the result is all too often an unstable document with inconsistent formatting and style.

DocXtools ensures consistent document standards and quality, saves you time, and reduces the cost of repairing and reformatting documents. And, if you run into trouble at the last minute, Litera Microsystems provides free, emergency document repair and remediation services with DocER™, typically in two hours or less.

Key Features


Analyze your document to discover problem areas.

Clean Up and Repair

Quickly fix document instabilities with tools ranging from Quick Clean to Rebuild Document.


Apply comprehensive style and branding to any document with one click.

Compare and Cross-Reference

Enhance the compare functionality built into Microsoft Word, or utilize integration with Change-Pro® to compare every element within a document.

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