Litéra IRM

Remote Control Access Of Your Documents to Current Employees.

Maintain Full Control of Your Documents Beyond Your Firewall.

Lost your laptop? Did it have critical documents? Savvy professionals maintain persistent protection over their documents. Gain the ability to revoke permissions from individuals, specific devices, countries or regions. You can provide read only, time controlled expiration access for your documents.

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Litéra IRM provides full document custody by placing a “security wrapper” around your documents.

  • Documents “phone home” when opened and update current restrictions allowing ongoing document control
  • 100% control over your documents, 100% of the time
  • Recipients don’t need to install any IRM software

“Sometime this decade there will be a high-profile data breach at an organization that will destroy or seriously weaken the company and change the way we all think about information security.” – Paul Domnick, President at Litéra

Don’t leave your documents exposed, control who is accessing your content and deliver Content Confidence® to your organization.

“Organizations in any environment where risk management and compliance is critical, will benefit from Litéra’s products.” – Gartner

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