Litéra Microsystems Litigation Companion

Because Winning Matters. Use artificial intelligence to deliver court-ready documents. Faster.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the future; it’s already in use in hundreds of firms around the world.

Ensure your litigators have the competitive edge with Litigation Companion, a Microsoft Word toolbar, that allows them to ensure their documents won’t let them down in court.

Why Litigation Companion?

Litigators have a huge caseload; drafting briefs, dealing with discovery, taking and defending depositions. Not to mention the changing submission requirements of different courts and different judges.

Their work is court-oriented, but most of their time is spent preparing documents. By accelerating tedious document review and editing tasks Litigation Companion ensures they can focus on what matters – winning for their client.

Key Features


Review your entire document with one click and view proofreading issues in a consolidated dashboard.

Check Defined Terms, Cross-references and Citations

Quickly review defined terms, references, and citations to ensure validity, accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

Fix Mistakes

Locate and remedy mistakes such as unpaired quotation marks, spacing variations, inconsistent numbering, phrases, and case-specific information.

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