Litéra Metadact-E

Server-Based Document Metadata Cleaning. The Only Patented Server–Based Metadata Management Solution Available.

Do you send emails with attachments from mobile devices?

Have confidence that all emails/attachments are automatically scrubbed of potentially harmful metadata, regardless of the sending device.

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Reduce Risk

  • Detects all types of metadata. Centralized control enforces compliance.
  • Active Directory integration provides immediate implementation to new hires.

“Staff tell me they appreciate that IT ‘has them covered.’ They like the confidence and convenience of having potentially sensitive metadata automatically removed without their intervention when they send emails with attachments from any device.” – Joe Hernandez, IT Director at Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C.

Increase Productivity

  • Send sensitive email attachments from anywhere.
  • Eliminates need for complex subject codes and waiting period after hitting Send.


Metadata Detection

  • Processed file formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and image files, even when compressed in a ZIP file or present in emails that are embedded as attachments
  • Cleans the widest variety of hidden metadata including Excel formulas, hidden cells, comments, PDF properties and GPS metadata in images
  • On-demand processing enables metadata preview in detail, a summary of the risk level, as well as individual document cleaning and batch processing of stored documents


  • Mobile Alerts can be easily configured to send an alert requesting confirmation about how to process metadata
  • Add metadata management capabilities to your file sharing tool (EFSS), contracts system, CRM, intranet or other systems
  • Clean documents from the DMS or file stores individually or in batch process mode using optional OnDemand functionality

Sender Options & Benefits

  • Convert attachments to PDF/PDF-A
  • User alerts when action is required. (e.g., tracked changes detected)
  • Sent items and archived emails reflect what the recipient receives (use during eDiscovery)
  • Set cleaning and alert options via the browser on a mobile device


  • Quick and easy, fully assisted installation, complemented by complete implementation tools and support team
  • Intuitive administrative tools allowing you to generate a variety of reports to monitor performance, balance loads and optimize servers
  • Control users’ ability to change or override corporate policies and settings
  • Administrators can allow users or groups granular control to override specific cleaning settings and/or exclude documents from cleaning altogether.
  • Administrators can also specify a profile according to recipient’s email address, recipient’s domain or document template name

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