Add-ons for Content Server


Manipulating search results is not always easy, as the user-friendliness that folder structure offers is absent. IRIS VirtualFoldersPlus for OpenText Content Server lets the results of advanced search queries be displayed in a dynamic folder, so that cross-sections can be


IRIS Scan2DMS for OpenText Content Server enables documents to be digitised from any multifunctional device or scanner, and to be automatically saved in Content Server. Functionalities that are also available in this product, using IRIS’ acclaimed scanning solutions, include full-text


The most recent version of OpenText Content Server lets the columns be set separately for each folder, allowing attribute values to be displayed.

IRIS PresentationPlus for OpenText Content Server offers comparable functionality, but goes further in the ease of layout and

PDF Reconcile

When scanning documents internally, organisations have complete control over the quality of the digitisation. For example, with internal scans, it is perfectly possible to apply OCR technology to achieve full-text indexing, allowing users to expect to obtain an accurate, complete

Password Reset

Users in organisations that have no service such as Active Directory in place always have to log in with a username and password. IRIS Password Reset for OpenText Content Server lets users reset their own passwords without having to involve


Placing notifications in Content Server occurs individually for each employee. This means that organisations running Content Server run the risk of having the wrong settings in place, or in some cases confrontation with notification overload — if the threshold for


Managing an instance of Content Server always includes a fixed series of operations. One of these, for example, is clearing out personal workspaces when people leave your organisation.

IRIS MonitorPlus for OpenText Content Server provides duly authorised users with a dashboard


IRIS eDossierPlus for OpenText Content Server makes it possible to work with a dossier or a business presented visually. You are presented with dossier structure that has tabs — and each tab can refer to a separate repository of contents,


IRIS CategoryPlus for OpenText Content Server makes it an easy matter to adjust attribute values within categories while preserving the existing categories and values. So with CategoryPlus, you can not only add, remove or upgrade categories but can also update

Archive Agent

IRIS Archive Agent for HP Autonomy WorkSite is a supplementary tool for use on WorkSite Archive Manager (WAM). It is suitable where there are profound requirements for content archiving and additional policies on top of what WAM has delivered.

IRIS Archive

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