Content Server

OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings run on OpenText Content Suite Platform, a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system designed to manage the flow of information from capture through to archiving and deletion. Content Suite Platform lets you manage your information with agility to cope with an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information. This is a platform that reduces risk while allowing organisations to focus on using their information to drive strategic growth and innovation.

Content Suite Platform lets you:

  • Manage large volumes of information
  • Integrate your content into business processes and manage it as a critical business asset
  • Deliver and share content in its full business context
  • Enhance content security and integrity throughout the information’s lifecycle
  • Integrate seamlessly with other strategic vendors


  • Increase personal and team productivity
  • Meet your organisation’s risk reduction objectives
  • Reduce storage costs and total cost of ownership


  • A flexible user interface designed for easy access and interaction with content directly from office productivity applications, and processes.
  • Captures technology to scan, index and classify content, transforming physical records into valuable digital assets.
  • A full-featured, highly scalable, web-based document management system providing a secure, single repository for organising and sharing enterprise content.
  • Workflow to automate processes, for accuracy and consistency. Processes can be designed graphically, according to your organisation’s or national regulator’s standards
  • Records management to manage the full lifecycle of all your organisation’s content, whether electronic or physical, enabling you to control retention and ensure deletion at the right time.
  • Intelligent archiving that optimises storage according to business context and metadata, delivering you less expensive media and providing high-end storage reduction services.
  • A common, documented, standard layer of development tools to rapidly create, deploy and manage your organisation’s applications.
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