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Users in organisations that have no service such as Active Directory in place always have to log in with a username and password. IRIS Password Reset for OpenText Content Server lets users reset their own passwords without having to involve an administrator.

The Password Reset module gives a Content Server user the option to reset his/her password directly from the login page. An e-mail with instructions on how to reset the password will be sent to the user. The user can follow the link in this e-mail to specify a new password for his Content Server account. After a successful reset a confirmation e-mail about this action will be sent to the user.


The benefit of this functionality is two-fold. A user no longer has to bother an application manager to reset the password thereby spending valuable time. By doing it himself, the user gets immediate access to Content Server and can be as productive as planned.

How it works

On the log-in page an additional “Forgot password?” is displayed.

Password Reset at Login

On the “forgot password” page the user can fill in his/her Content Server username and request for a password reset. An e-mail will be sent to this user. The e-mail address configured in Content Server for this user is used to send this e-mail to. The e-mail has instructions for the user on how to reset his password.

Password Reset at Login

On the password reset page the user has to fill in his/her user name again. This user name is checked against the user name used to request the reset request to verify the same user is resetting his password. And two times the same new password has to be specified.

Password Reset at Login

After the password is successfully reset the user is redirected back to the log in page. A message is displayed about the password reset and an e-mail is send to the configured users e-mail address to notify him about this password change.


The Password Recovery module has been developed for Content Server 10 and higher.

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