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Scanpoint implements IRISXtract

I.R.I.S. and Canon Austria take on major project for Scanpoint GmbH

I.R.I.S. is pleased to announce its new partnership with Scanpoint GmbH, a subsidiary of Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG). Together with Canon Austria GmbH, I.R.I.S. has completed a project for automatic invoice processing at Scanpoint. The high-volume application is already processing three and a half million invoices per year.

With six digitization centers in Austria and a production facility in Slovakia, Scanpoint GmbH is able to process incoming mail and business documents rapidly. This allows Scanpoint to expand the potential of mail delivery by relieving their customers of the entire paper handling process significantly – including receipt, preparation, digitization, electronic distribution, storage, and destruction of documents. Companies immediately receive the information from their incoming documents, allowing them to integrate this data into their business processes and handle it more efficiently, more quickly, and at a lower cost. After an intensive technical selection and benchmarking process, the Austrian Post subsidiary contracted I.R.I.S. to implement a solution for electronic invoice data extraction.

“Throughout the demanding selection process, I.R.I.S. showed itself to be an expert provider of products and solutions in the area of intelligent document processing. In addition to the technology itself, we were extremely impressed by the company’s expertise, its commitment to partner management, service and customers, and last but not least, its flexible licensing model.”
Roland Spitzhirn, CEO of Scanpoint GmbH

For the technical directors of the Austrian Post subsidiary, the decisive argument for IRISXtract was the fact that its wide range of functions, architecture, and scalability deliver the flexible capabilities needed to cover the day-to-day project activities of a service company. The comprehensive solution allows Scanpoint to process incoming invoices as well as implement future innovative services for digital mailroom solutions. The powerful multi-client application has been in operation since early 2012. The solution proved itself in the initial live phase that enabled the company to complete its internal quality audit successfully. Scanpoint has also added a number of large clients to the live system and initiated a continuous workflow improvement process based on the solution’s business intelligence tool.

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