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Extract more from documents and unstructured data with artificial intelligence

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The Modern Way of Working

Transform the world of contract and legal documents.

New employees often have to spend hours searching through contracts to find the right data they need for documents, analysis, and due diligence. With iManage Contract Intelligence this is a thing of the past. This legal AI engine transforms how organizations review and manage contracts. AI increases efficiency and gains an accurate understanding of the risks and opportunities within their contract portfolio. Free your employees with AI and let them focus more on the aspects of their job that they relish and provide value.

Get more value out of your organization’s data with Contract Intelligence

Key Benefits

iManage Contract Intelligence

Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets

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iManage Extract

Get More Out Of Your Data

Contract Intelligence organizes large document sets into specific categories or clusters.

Contract Intelligence features predefined extractors that can automatically identify and extract relevant data from contracts and variety of document types from a seamless user interface. With the self-training module, your employees can easily train on iManage Extract to extract the right content from industry or company specific documents and datasets. Extractors can be re-used across projects to develop new departmental solutions quickly at a lower cost.

Unlock the full value of your organization’s content as:

Manage Your Business Content Effortlessly

Enhanced user experience makes you more productive.

  • iManage Contract Intelligence smart (AI) features save time, improve productivity and streamline projects
  • In-document search cuts through the clutter and automatically identifies relevant information within sections of a document.
  • Dynamic event notification reduces the need for training and improves user adoption across project teams
  • In-context review and preview of extracted terms allows reviewing teams to further validate the data in context of the original agreement.
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