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Enterprise Search With AI: Discover Knowledge and Find Expertise

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Enterprise content search and analysis

Finding and managing information across your entire enterprise.

Knowledge Unlocked offers your employees 7 new ways to quickly find the right content and insights. Not only within iManage Work 10 but also within external systems. As a result, knowledge within your organization can be easily shared and reused, employees increase their own knowledge in order to provide answers of higher quality, internal expertise is put to good use and well-considered decisions are made.

Reveals relationships between knowledge assets and people

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iManage Knowledge Unlocked

Quickly find relevant information across multiple systems with iManage’s innovative enterprise search

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iManage Work 10

Enterprise content search and analysis

Quickly find relevant information across disparate systems.

Re-inventing the wheel is costly for your business. Knowledge Unlocked enables your team to reuse and leverage the collective knowledge to deliver high quality service to their clients. Knowledge Unlocked delivers on this ability and provides 7 new ways to search.

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Deployment Options

Available as Cloud solution and on-premises

The iManage Work document and email management solution is available as a Cloud-based, preconfigured solution – but can also be deployed on-premises.

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid

iManage Knowledge Unlocked is available in the cloud and on-premises.