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iManage Security Policy Manager

Manage global security policies and ethical walls at scale.

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Manage Data Security

Managing need-to-know security for documents at global scale.

iManage Security Policy Manager manages need-to-know access, content segregation and ethical walls at scale, required to meet today’s security challenges. Featuring an intuitive role based UI and anywhere, anytime access, iManage Security Policy Manager provides data protection without sacrificing user productivity and system performance.

Reveals relationships between knowledge assets and people

Security Policy Manager
Key Benefits

iManage Security Policy Manager

Solving the challenge of Need-To-Know Security

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Delivering Need-To-Know Access

Ethical wall software for organizations.

Many organizations are focused on solving the challenge of securing and managing all electronic and physical documents so that all internal and client policies are adhered to when the documents are accessed. iManage Security Policy Manager works in unison with iManage Work to set up ethical walls to protect your most sensitive information. As a result, only authorized individuals will have access to your sensitive data and your document and email management system will be secure.

In addition, with electronic document threat detection, your organization’s data is protected from both internal and external threats, with round-the-clock vigilance that alerts you at the first sign of an attempted breach or attack.

A complete confidentiality solution for:

A Single Vendor Solution

Market-leading functionality for organizations of all sizes.

iManage Security Policy Manager enables you to support the industry’s best practices for securing work product, with no perceptible impact to user performance. iManage Security Policy Manager is a single vendor solution, tightly integrated with iManage Work and iManage Records Manager that delivers comprehensive security to meet increasing client demands at scale.

Instantly establish, adjust and remove security policies without costly access control cascades, document re-files or content re-indexing of iManage Work workspaces.

Search large workspaces without impacting performance for iManage Work end users.

Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clearly indicate security polices, making it easy to see who does and who does not have access.

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Deployment Options

Available as Cloud solution and on-premises

Deploy iManage Security Policy Manager in the iManage Cloud or on-premises.

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid

iManage Security Policy Manager is available in the cloud and on-premises.


Integrate with your other applications

Out of the box iManage seamlessly integrates with business applications as Outlook, Gmail and ERP systems. Besides the standard integrations we successfully integrated iManage to many other unique applications as practice management systems to keep systems in sync and your team confident in its data.


Making sure business and IT requirements are met.

For every project our team ensures a great fit of the solution, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We follow a clear and transparent project approach and due to our best practices methodology we get you up and running fast – without false promises and compromising on quality.

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