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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the effective management of information, documents, and data is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. At IRIS, we understand the challenges faced when it comes to handling vast amounts of critical information.

How we help

Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges regarding the current – and desired – state of information management. Subsequently we will help with the design and adoption of a digital archive solution that aligns with your business objectives.


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What is Digital Archive?

A digital archive is a modern solution that allows organizations to store, organize, and access their vast troves of information, documents, and data in a digital format.

The purpose of a digital archive is to serve as a centralized repository where organizations and their teams can store, access, search, and retrieve a wide range of electronic content. These materials can include everything from text documents and images to audio and video files.

Overall, a digital archive provides a modern solution for managing the ever-increasing volume of digital information in an efficient, organized, and secure manner. It’s an essential tool for organizations that deal with large amounts of data, documents, and information, such as professional services firms, legal entities, accounting firms, and large corporations.

The benefits of Digital Archive

Easy & fast retrieval of information

Make sure your users find the information they are looking for to improve efficiency.

Improved Compliance

Automate the process of users adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements when working with content.

Enhanced security

Make sure that (sensitive) data is only accessible to persons whom should have access to it.

Better collaboration

Enable users to real-time collaboration on documents, internally and externally.

Reduce storage space

Lower the need for storage space by saving files and emails in the central repository of a content platform.

Backup and disaster

Be confident that your organization’s data is safely stored in case of an emergency.

Key Features of a Digital Archive

Effortless Access and Retrieval

A digital archive equips your team with a powerful search engine that instantly locates the information you need. Harness the ability to retrieve documents, records, and data at the speed of thought, boosting your team’s productivity and streamlining workflows.

Robust Security Measures

Protecting sensitive data is paramount. A digital archive incorporates advanced security measures, from encryption to access controls. Your valuable information remains secure, with audit trails providing insights into who accessed what and when. Rest easy knowing that your compliance needs are met and your clients’ confidentiality is upheld.

Centralized Organization


Bid farewell to scattered files and fragmented data. A digital archive offers a centralized repository, where your documents and records find a harmonious home. Intuitive categorization and metadata tagging ensure every item is precisely placed, simplifying navigation and enhancing overall organization.

Environmental Responsibility


Join the movement toward sustainability. By embracing a digital archive, you reduce paper usage and minimize your carbon footprint. Contribute to a greener future while embracing modern information management practices.

Real-World Use Cases of Digital Archive

There are more than enough use cases that demonstrate how a digital archive supports organizations in effectively creating an accessible, secure and reliable way of managing their vast troves of digital information, documents, and data.


Legal professionals deal with enormous amounts of case-related documents, contracts, and correspondence. A digital archive streamlines document retrieval, ensuring swift access to critical information during litigation, negotiations, or compliance audits.


Financial institutions are subject to strict regulations. A digital archive helps store and retrieve financial records, transaction histories, and compliance documents, ensuring swift and accurate responses during audits and regulatory inquiries.


HR departments maintain employee records, contracts, and compliance documents in a digital archive. This simplifies onboarding, performance evaluations, and regulatory compliance.


Our Technology for Digital Archive

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iManage is a powerful content services platform designed to streamline document and email management, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.


How Does Digital Archive Work With IRIS?

When considering the adoption of technology to embrace a digital archive, an effective approach begins with strategic process consultancy.

By partnering with us, you’re not just acquiring a technology solution; you’re tapping into a comprehensive blueprinting process led by specialized consultants. They work closely with you to identify your workflow needs, set objectives, and align the solution to your unique requirements.

Collaborating with us means you ensure not only having access to innovative technology but also a strategic partner as your trusted partner for successful digital transformation.

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