Digital Signatures

Streamline your transactions and securely run deals from anywhere

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Streamline your transactions with digital signatures.

Business from around the world and in various industries are moving towards digital signing to comply with regulations, expedite business processes, and reduce operational costs.

By adopting secure electronic signing processes, companies are able to reduce waiting time, save money, provide copies to all parties, create archives, increase security through digital encryption, and meet compliance requirements.

We are able to support you with the implementation and support of digital signature solutions to not only improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also to ensure business continuity and elevate employee and customer experience.


The benefits of digital signatures.

Signing documents digitally enables your business to embrace the benefits of streamlined transactions

Digital Signatures
Use cases

Typically, a digital signature is created by using a valid identity-based certificate and documents can be created to include one or more digital signatures.

By applying a digital signature, the document can be “locked down” so that once it is signed, it cannot be altered. A digital signature contains a time and date stamp that is validated each time the document is opened, creating a permanent electronic audit record.

Based on the many options that can be used in conjunction with digital signing, your organization can easily identify multiple opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate paper and create electronic audit trails.

As a result, more and more teams leverage digital signatures to improve security and streamline how transactions are being handled.


Easily onboard new employees


Reduce closing team of deals


Approve contracts without a hassle


Provide a secure way for users to transact


Protect and manage all agreements


Reduce lead-time and stay on top of progress

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we encounter regarding digital signatures.

Is there a difference between electronic and digital signatures?2022-10-19T16:11:25+02:00

Yes, there is. A digital signature is a more secure electronic signature that is generated using a digital certificate and cryptographically bound to the document using public key infrastructure (PKI). The digital certificate is unique to the signer and obtained from a trusted 3rd party such as a trust service provider (TSP) or certificate authority (CA) after verification of the signer’s identity.

What are three uses for digital signatures?2022-10-19T16:11:24+02:00

Digital signatures are used to meet three important goals of information security: integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. As such, digital signatures help enforce security during data transfers.

Who should use digital signatures?2022-10-19T16:11:24+02:00

First of all, there is no definitive answer to this question — as this largely depends on your specific situation and needs. Digital signatures are typically used when you want to guarantee a level of security and ease of use for your transactions — for example, for legal, healthcare, or HR documents.

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Technology to enable digital signatures.

Discover how our solutions enable businesses to adopt modern and resilient operating models to anticipate what’s next and lead the change.

Scrive integration for iManage

You can now sign all your documents (in PDF format) directly from iManage (Work) in an easy, efficient and secure way using Scrive, an online electronic signature portal. Signed documents are automatically imported back in iManage in the original location, either as a new document or new version.

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