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Activate and leverage knowledge that resides in your business content

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Unlock the knowledge that resides in your business content.

For almost every organization, knowledge and expertise is their most valuable asset. However, not every organization is capable of leveraging their knowledge to improve efficiency, productivity and retain critical information within the organization.

Knowledge management is the process of capturing, storing, sharing and effectively managing the knowledge and experience of employees to increase the workforce’s overall knowledge. Having the right tools and procedures in place to identify, preserve and re-use knowledge will be key to not only safeguard this valuable asset – but also drive positive business outcomes.

We are able to support you with the design, implementation and support of various solutions that enable teams to make explicit knowledge implicit – and grasp the benefits of knowledge management.


The benefits of knowledge management.

Intelligent recognition of data enables your business to embrace the benefits of intelligent data capture

Using business content for knowledge management

In today’s digital workplace, the amount of business content teams have to deal with is ever-growing. As a result, it makes sense to be able to leverage the knowledge that lives in your business content in order to drive value from it.

But how?

That’s where we come in: you can rely on our experience and expertise to help you realize your knowledge management initiatives. Our business experts work alongside you to determine a clear knowledge management strategy that’s tailored for your specific situation.

We work with leading technology to provide the newest solutions that enables teams to drive value from their knowledge: efficient, smart and secure.

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AI Extraction of data points

Leverage AI to automate the extraction of critical data points from your business content, creating structured data that enhances the quality of the services you provide.

Transform knowledge into insights

Easily connect and surface information to adopt best practices and locate experts, unlocking your team to bring the best of the organization to every interaction.

Knowledge applications

Build custom applications that use your knowledge to provide automated services to internal or external stakeholders to improve operations and enhance customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions we encounter regarding knowledge management.

What is Knowledge Management?2022-03-03T08:41:13+01:00

Knowledge management is all about capturing, sharing, using and managing tangible and intangible knowledge in an organization. The purpose of managing knowledge is to facilitate so organizations can work as efficiently as possible towards their goals.

It is a way to perform the tasks as good and efficiently as possible. If you are considering introducing knowledge management into your organization, keep in mind that this is not a responsibility of one department, for example, HR or IT. In fact, it should be widely supported throughout the organization. Managing knowledge is a journey, not a destiny.

How to implement a Knowledge Management system?2022-03-03T08:59:26+01:00

Every organization has its own structure and knowledge. Therefore every implementation is different. Our Knowledge Management experts are more than happy to discuss what works best for your organization, without obligation. Talk to an expert!

How to improve Knowledge Management?2022-03-03T08:47:33+01:00

Increasing digitization makes it possible to store and share knowledge easily and inexpensively. In other words, employees can access information at any time and from anywhere and also develop it further and integrate it into their everyday work. Rather, employees no longer have to ask their colleagues for this knowledge.

However, employees have to clearly categorize their information and tag them with keywords to enable other colleagues to quickly find answers using a keyword search on selected topics. As soon as a piece of knowledge – for example, software code or a manual – has been developed, it can be used (or improved) again and again, which saves work and thus costs. There is less (unnecessary) communication. You can learn from mistakes or hurdles that have already occurred and nobody misses a development because it is “lying around” somewhere.

In the best case, professional knowledge management creates the breeding ground for innovations or deeper knowledge with which tangible company-related problems can be solved. Employees can make better, faster and more data-based decisions.

In short, organizations can improve their operating results if they manage their knowledge intelligently They succeed in increasing the productivity and competences of employees. Last but not least: your customers are happier!

Why implement a Knowledge Management System?2022-03-03T08:48:50+01:00

There are many reasons to implement a Knowledge Management System in an organization, but the main goal is usually to help people access knowledge and use it to perform tasks better.

To gain a deeper understanding of knowledge work in law firms, iManage recently commissioned Metia Group to conduct in-depth research, with close to 1100 global respondents from across the legal industry to gain a deeper understanding of knowledge work and discovered that:

  • 68% of survey respondents said the information in digital documents and files is the most important thing to their business.
  • 28% of survey respondents said that most or all of their documents are scattered and siloed across multiple systems.
  • 30% of respondents said that documents reach their organisation via five or more channels.

The above mentioned statistics show that knowledge is one of the most important assets of an organization. Yet knowledge is too often undocumented, difficult to access and has the risk of disappearing:

  • Because teams use different apps within the same company, this results in isolated and fragmented information that is difficult to find when customers or agents need it most. That’s why knowledge workers spend 30% of their time looking for or recreating information that already exists. When knowledge isn’t shared and accessible, employees waste time reimagining solutions, make mistakes people have made before, don’t gain the insights they need to be productive, and answer the same questions over and over.
  • Employees retire or quit a company, taking decades of company knowledge with them. And even if they train their replacement before leaving, departing employees can never pass on everything they know because some knowledge is tacit. Having a process helps capture that tacit knowledge that might otherwise disappear.
  • Knowledge stored in emails or local drives can disappear due to system failures or due to loss or theft of devices.

All of these situations are unavoidable which highlights the need for a good knowledge management system even more.

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