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Ensure that documents meet your organization’s quality standards and your clients’ expectations

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The Modern Way of Proofreading

Deliver high-quality documents, fast and easy

Contract Companion is a proofreading tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure your documents meet your organization’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

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Key Features

Litera Contract Companion

Save valuable time by reviewing your documents with Litera Contract Companion and maintain quality standards towards all stakeholders

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Proofreading Reinvented

Safely speed up the review process

Contract Companion is fully integrated with the solutions you already use, so you are able to review documents without the need of switching to another application. Contract Companion’s features are tailored for professionals who need reliable feedback on potential content and format issues. If any, it also helps the user to resolve any issues to ensure a quality document is the final result.

Ensure the level of quality your stakeholders expect and speed up the review process with Contract Companion.

Gain new velocity with AI powered proofreading as a:

High Return on Investment

Why Contract Companion

No more excuses to skip proofreading, as it’s fast and helps you create better quality business documents.

  • Review faster – Automatically identify and review errors in real-time and quickly get back to higher-value activities.

  • Improve Quality – Consistently demonstrate the legal teams’ capabilities, value, and work integrity.

  • Reduce Risks – Reduce time pressure which often occurs and complete a more precise review in a just a few clicks.

Organizations who are using Litera Contract Companion report an average time savings of one hour per week per user! 

Start streamlining your review process today and see the high return on investment due to the valuable time saved – which can be spend on other business activities.

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