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An all-in-one solution to streamline all your document processes

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Seamless User Experience

One toolbar to manage your entire document workflow

Litera Desktop is a single toolbar that includes everything today’s professional needs to draft documents creating an integrated, seamless experience that ensures user adoption and consolidates vendors.

Streamline all your document processes with a single solution

Litera Desktop is an unified solution that supports the best-of-breed document drafting technology through a single Microsoft Office ribbon, streamlining the document workflow and creating operational efficiencies for IT departments. It’s the best solution available for teams looking for efficiency gains throughout the lifecycle of a document.

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Key Features

Litera Desktop

Give your team all the tools they ever need working with documents with Litera Desktop

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Key benefits for users

Today’s professionals have access to a wide range of document-related technologies. However, this creates a cluttered desktop and a lack of awareness for tools that are available, which then leads to a disjointed and inefficient workflow. Litera Desktop removes this complexity by offering a comprehensive and complete suite of document related technology.

Key benefits for IT

IT departments often work to support their organizations with technology that is easy to use and allows its users to deliver high quality work. Based on the needs and requirements of the business, this can lead to a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. Litera Desktop simplifies this, offering a complete suite of solutions from one vendor.

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Focus on What Matters

Transform the way you work with documents

Litera Desktop is fully integrated with the solutions you already use, enabling you to gain efficiency in all document related processes without the need of switching to another application. Litera Desktop’s wide range of features are tailored for professionals who are looking for ways to improve their workflow, throughout the lifecycle of a document.

Gone are the days where you would work with various solutions to draft, compare, review and archive documents. Streamlining all document related processes with Litera Desktop results in measurable efficiency gains whilst also improves the user experience – all aimed to create better documents, faster.

Gain new velocity through optimizing document processes as a: