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Compare multiple documents, fast and easy

Litera Workshare Compare is a document comparison solution that accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. This market-leading document comparison solution integrates into your working life, whether you’re working from a desktop, the cloud, or on the go, so you never miss a beat.

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The time it takes to manage revisions from multiple authors in multiple document formats can become a serious cost issue, not to mention error-prone when spotting changes by eye. Learn how Workshare Compare’s comprehensive document comparison solution resolves these issues.

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Key Features

Litera Workshare Compare

Streamline the comparison of documents with Compare to save valuable time and maintain quality standards

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Full-Featured Document Comparison

Instantly find any change

Compare is fully integrated with the solutions you already use, so you are able to compare documents without the need of switching to another application. Litera Workshare Compare’s features are tailored for professionals who need to compare documents in their daily work, and require a solution which is accurate and fast.

Gone are the days where you would waste precious time on manually comparing changes in a document. Streamlining the document comparison process with Compare results in measurable efficiency gains whilst also improves the customer experience.

Enable your team to get more work done as they are able to re-use approved content directly in Microsoft Office.

Gain new velocity through document comparison as a:

High Return on Investment

Why Compare

Relief your team from the time consuming tasks involved in tracking the changes made in documents, Compare facilitates a smooth process regarding the comparison of documents;

  • Instant Insight – Get a holistic analysis of every changed element within your document in a layout that is easy to understand.

  • Streamline Review Process – Eliminate manual comparisons and version creation with the power to quickly identify changes.

  • Trusted Accuracy – Firms and enterprises across the globe depend on accurate and reliable comparisons in seconds, confident of surfacing all modifications.

Organizations who are using Litera Workshare Compare are able to compare multiple documents fast and easy. Measuring this impact generally results in a high ROI as it adds value to the business through efficiency gains and improves the customer experience.

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